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The MiniMax is the same height as the Mini, but it boasts a grid diameter in line with the Small. This makes the MiniMax a compact model capable of maximum performance. Its limited height makes it an ideal table model and its relatively low weight makes it perfectly portable. This multifunctional model is an asset at home and outdoors!

950,00 €

The XLarge is perfectly suited to catering regularly to large gatherings – be they private or commercial. As well as boasting all the benefits of the Large, the Extra Large also has an enormous grid offering almost twice as much space. This means that large groups can get to enjoy deliciously prepared ingredients and dishes together.

2250,00 €

The XXLarge is the biggest Green Egg of them all, making it the most impressive and unrivalled model in the field of ceramic cooking appliances, offering an enormous capacity to prepare tantalising ingredients and dishes at the same time. In keeping with its smaller counterparts, the XXLarge can be used for a broad range of cooking techniques like grilling, baking, cooking, stewing, smoking and slow cooking.

4950,00 €

While the Small is compact, it still offers lots of possibilities. It can easily be used to prepare meals for four to six people, cook a delicious stuffed chicken or an entire neckend. What’s more, this model is ideal for use on a balcony or small patio.

950,00 €

Because of its dimensions and weight, this EGG is ideal to take along camping, on the boat or for a picnic. The grid offers sufficient room to cook for two to four people. The Mini is not just popular with consumers but is also used in many professional kitchens for small à la carte dishes.

660,00 €