Upright vacuum cleaner VORWERK VK200 with EB400 Automatic Electric Brush

699,00 €

Forget changing settings manually when you move from carpet to hard floors. The EB400 automatic electric brush does it all for you. Automatically responsive vacuuming means the very best clean, on every surface!


The new VORWERK VK200 upright vacuum cleaner stands out thanks to its innovative technology, high quality and timeless design. It also features an expert cleaning attachment for every surface. Expert cleaning is made easier by highlights including push force control and automatic floor detection. What’s more, the new Vorwerk VK200 upright vacuum cleaner is extremely energy-efficient and has an A-rated energy label.

Sensors on the underside of the brush scan the floor approximately 16 times a second and detect the type of surface underneath automatically. When the automatic floor detection senses a transition between carpet and hard floor, the settings are changed accordingly within 0.7 seconds. The Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush is our all-round cleaning attachment, with a specialist mechanism both for carpet and for hard floors. On carpet, the EB400’s brushes revolve up to 1,800 times a minute. When on a hard floor, this reduces to a maximum of 800 times a minute. At the same time, wheels and sealing lips are extended, maintaining clearance of approximately 5 mm between the Electric Brush and the floor, for cleaning that’s tailored to hard floors.

Energy efficiency class A
Max. underpressure 160 hPa
Suction power 280 W
Motor 50-700W + 70W EB400
Noise level 78 dB
Max. air quantity 44,5 l/s
Filterbag volume 2,2 l
Cable length 10 m
Height 15cm
Dimensions LXW 21x85/109 cm
Weight 4,8 kg
Package contents

1 Vorwerk VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 
1 Vorwerk EB400 Automatic Electric Brush 
6 Kobold FP200 Premium Filter Bags 
6 Dovina Fragrance Chips 
1 Electric Cable 


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69,00 €

The VORWERK VK200 Vacuum System is compact, unbeatably maneuverable and highly efficient. It ensures maximum cleanliness and takes the chore out of housework. Furthermore, the VORWERK VK200 Vacuum System can also be extended as a cleaning system using a wide range of accessory parts. All accessories have been developed in line with the requirements of our customers and are suitable for numerous cleaning situations.

159,00 €

Three filters in one - with an integrated HEPA filter.  Suitable for allergy sufferers - FP200 filter bag is the world's only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag!

25,00 €

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149,00 €