Deep cleaning mattress vacuumer attachment VORWERK MR440

39,00 €

The Vorwerk MR440 Deep Cleaning Mattress Attachment vibrates to loosen the dirt from the mattress surface.

To clean mattresses, use your Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush with the Mattress Freshener MP440 and the Mattress Vacuumer MR440 instead of the normal suction nozzle. For regular vacuum cleaning of mattresses, the MR440 mattress cleaning set is recommended. 

Place the bottom of the Electric Upholstery Brush with MR440 Mattress Vacuumer flat onto the mattress. The rubber beater bars start to vibrate audibly.



We recommend Lavenia for cleaning mattresses. Lavenia not only easily removes dust, but also bacteria, mite faeces and mould spores to a large extent. Lavenia received the TÜV NORD certificate “Suitable for Allergic People”. Evenly distribute the contents of a Lavenia Mattress Cleaning Powder across the mattress. Work the Lavenia with Vorwerk MP440 Dry Cleaning Mattress Attachment evenly into the mattress. Let the powder dry for 30 minutes. Vacuum the mattress with the Vorwerk MP440 Dry Cleaning Mattress Attachment – the Lavenia powder, together with the bonded dirt will be completely vacuumed up.


Package contents

Deep cleaning mattress vacuumer attachment Vorwerk MR440 


Upholstered furniture is great, but it requires the right kind of cleaning to keep it looking great. The Vorwerk PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush is just the ticket, providing a thorough but  gentle clean that preserves delicate fabric on the fabric. The Vorwerk PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush removes dust from your upholstered furniture in no time - it cleans upholstery faster than any other device because it brushes and vacuums it at the same time. 

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The VORWERK VK200 Vacuum System is compact, unbeatably maneuverable and highly efficient. It ensures maximum cleanliness and takes the chore out of housework. Furthermore, the VORWERK VK200 Vacuum System can also be extended as a cleaning system using a wide range of accessory parts. All accessories have been developed in line with the requirements of our customers and are suitable for numerous cleaning situations.

159,00 €

The new Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener guarantees a unique in-depth, hygienic carpet cleaning and freshening in no time at all. Rugs and carpets turn your house into a home. The Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener makes sure that they stay beautiful for longer with impressive and hygienic in-depth cleaning.

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