Hard Floor Nozzle VORWERK HD60

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Hard Floor Nozzle HD60 is your perfect assistant for quick cleaning of ceramic, hardwood, laminate & PVC flooring. Thanks to it's ease of use, hard floors are cleaned quickly and easily.

The Vorwerk HD60 HARD FLOOR NOZZLE is a specially designed nozzle for the easy cleaning of all smooth, hard floors. Unlike conventional Hard Floor Nozzles, it is very well suited for coarse dirt as well. It moves easily around all furniture and legs, and vacuums cleanly along all skirting boards. You can easily reach underneath furniture and beds: not only is the vacuum VK200 flexible and agile, but with the Hard Floor Nozzle the vacuum cleaner can lay down flat, without losing any suction.
The unique flex joint is a highlight. During vacuuming movements, the suction nozzle rotates flexibly through 90 degrees so that even difficult areas can be easily reached. This Hard Floor Nozzle HD60 ensures absolute cleanliness on all types of hard floors, even in the tightest of corners. 
The front profile does not push coarse dirt in front of the nozzle, but securely vacuums it up just like the fine dust.



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HD60 Hard Floor Nozzle

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SP530 Hard Floor Mop and Vacuum Head

Vacuum and wet cleaning for shiny and spotless hardfloors! Prepare to cut your cleaning time in half with the VK200 & SP530 Duo Clean set. Mop and vacuum at the same time and say goodbye to your mop and bucket.

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Upright Vacuum Cleaner VORWERK VK200

Compact, highly manoeuvrable and extremely powerful, the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal addition to your household, making life easier and cleaner. 

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Upright vacuum cleaner VORWERK VK200 with EB400 Automatic Electric Brush

Forget changing settings manually when you move from carpet to hard floors. The EB400 automatic electric brush does it all for you. Automatically responsive vacuuming means the very best clean, on every surface!


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3 in 1 premium filter bags VORWERK FP200, 6 pack

Three filters in one - with an integrated HEPA filter.  Suitable for allergy sufferers - FP200 filter bag is the world's only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag!

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