Upright Vacuum Cleaner VORWERK VK200 full set

1699,00 €

Compact, highly manoeuvrable and extremely powerful, the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal addition to your household, making life easier and cleaner.

The excellent ergonomic design with its easily adjustable telescopic handle, lightweight construction and Swivel/Pivot joint, make the VORWERK VK200 an extremely manoeuvrable upright vacuum cleaner, and allows for a back-friendly posture. Conveniently located on the handle grip, the main power switch is right where you need it to be.

Outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption, regardless of whether you are cleaning carpets, parquet or tiles. This has enabled the VK200 with EB400 automatic electric brush attachment to achieve top A classification in four categories. 

The Vorwerk FP200 improves air quality for people with allergies. An impressive 99% of allergy-inducing particles are captured. With a clean house now comes clean air. A breath of fresh air for you and your home!

One of the many new features of the Vorwerk VK200 is the LED filter bag level display. Easy to read, reliable and simply designed, replacing filter bags is only necessary when the LED display lights up completely orange. It has never been easier to change filter bags: open the flap, insert the new filter bag. Done! Once the device is switched on, the new Vorwerk FP200 3 in 1 Premium Filter bag unfolds itself automatically. With many comprehensive attachment options, the Vorwerk VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner can be converted into a complete and uniquely versatile cleaning system. It is specifically designed to meet every cleaning expectation, and offers the right accessories for every possible need. Changing attachments is effortless and can be managed without bending down, all at the push of a button. Ready for action!

The Vorwerk VK200 is ready for all floor types, from hard floors to carpets.  With intelligent accessories, the modular Vorwerk VK200 system can be adjusted to all indoors settings.

Enhanced with accessories for above floor surfaces, the Kobold VK200 expertly deals with upholstery, furniture, mattresses, textiles and anything else you need cleaned! Kobold VK200 is more than just a vacuum cleaner, it is a modular cleaning system designed to ensure the highest degree of cleaning performance. Whatever the surface may be, the Kobold VK200 has the right solution.

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Energy efficiency class A
Max. underpressure 160hPa
Suction power 280W
Motor 50-700W (+ 70W EB400) (+ 100W SP600)
Noise level 78dB
Max. air quantity 44,5 l/s
Filterbag volume 2,2 l
Cable length 10 m
Working radius 7 m
Height 15cm
Dimensions LXW 21x85/109 cm
Weight 4,8kg
Package contents

61667 VK200 vacuum cleaner
61507 SP530 Hard Floor Mop and Vacuum Head – for vacuuming and wet cleaning of hard floors
61678 EB400 Automatic Electric Brush – to vacuum and clean carpets and hard floors
49789 VF200 Carpet Freshener – for cleaning carpets
61464 PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush
50042 HD60 boxed Hard Floor Nozzle – for vacuuming hard floors
50233 Power cord 10m 230V
45590 SP 520/530 Moistener
48856 Cleaning cloth MF520/530 Universal Set (4x)
47933 The concentrated cleaning agent Koboclean 14/15 universal (500ml)
51170 Electrical Suction Hose ESS150/200
44924 TR15 Telescopic tube
44811 SD15 Soft nozzle
44850 VD15 Variable Nozzle + brush + Drill attachment packed
47840 Flexo nozzle set (FL15 + FA 15)
49786 Mattress Freshener cpl MP440 packed
49787 Mattress Vacuumer cpl MR440 packed
47845 SG15 shoulder strap with pad
51346 Kobosan Active for cleaning carpets and rugs (2,5 kg)
51333 Dovina fragrance chip (6x)
51182 FP200 filterbags (6x)
51353 Lavenia for cleaning mattresses (6x120g)



Gentle cleaning, powerful performance: you only need to add 5ml of Koboclean 15 Universal to 500ml of water for optimal cleaning results with the Vorwerk Kobold SP 530 or 600 Hard Floor Cleaner. This cleaning concentrate is also very efficient: a single 500ml bottle is enough for cleaning up to 100 times! 

10,00 €

We recommend Lavenia for cleaning mattresses. Lavenia not only easily removes dust, but also bacteria, mite faeces and mould spores to a large extent. Lavenia received the TÜV NORD certificate “Suitable for allergy sufferers, effectively reduces allergens”.


20,00 €

Three filters in one - with an integrated HEPA filter.  Suitable for allergy sufferers - FP200 filter bag is the world's only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag!

25,00 €

Kobosan Active Dry Cleaning Powder is designed especially to prevent carpets from trapping dirt as quickly after cleaning, meaning they stay looking newer for longer! Kobosan Active has been certified as “Suitable for Allergic People” by TÜV NORD.

39,00 €