SP600 Hard Floor Mop and Vacuum Head

449,00 €

Vacuum and wet cleaning for shiny and spotless hardfloors! The world first SP600 simultaneously mops and vacuums hard floors at the same time, cutting in half the time you spend cleaning hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles and stone.

Mops the floors and vacuums dust and crumbs simultaneously.
A groundbreaking innovation with cutting edge technology and stunning design
Easy to use, with automatic cloth moistening and LED display

The SP600 is effective on all the hard-floors:
- Parquet
- Laminate
- Tiles
- Stone Floors

In one simple and swift step the SP600 gives flawless results
Replace the mop and bucket. Vacuum dust and crumbs and mop dirt all in one go
No messing with wet cloths or excess water

Can clean an entire floor with one 260ml tank. (approx 60m2)
Control water release at the click of a button
50 times less water & washing product than with a classic mop and bucket

Energy efficiency class A
Motor 100W
Noise level 87dB
Height 10cm
Dimensions LXW 36X31 cm
Weight 3,5kg
Brushless motors +
Package contents

53612 Cleaning cloths MF600 Universal (3x)
53581 Cleaning agent Koboclean 20 Universal (500ml)


Gentle cleaning, powerful performance: you only need to add 5ml of Koboclean 15 Universal to 500ml of water for optimal cleaning results with the Vorwerk Kobold SP 530 or 600 Hard Floor Cleaner. This cleaning concentrate is also very efficient: a single 500ml bottle is enough for cleaning up to 100 times! 

10,00 €