Robot vacuum Vorwerk Kobold VR300

959,00 €

More life. Less work. Latest model of Vorwerk Kobold is packed with high-tech in every detail. Thanks to redesigned brush and software it has 12% higher efficiancy comparing to previous model. It can be fully operated via smartphone.


Equipped with a sophisticated laser navigation system and more than a dozen sensors, the Kobold VR300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can manoeuvre around virtually any obstacle: 

The Kobold VR300 navigates its way around the home line by line, using SLAM technology (simultaneous localisation and mapping). 

The three ultrasonic sensors are even able to detect transparent or highly reflective obstacles before the robot reaches them. 

The ultrasonic sensors are supplemented by contact sensors on the bumper, which ensure that the Kobold VR300 only makes the slightest contact with obstacles before navigating around them. 

Thanks to the infrared sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to move along walls and recognise drops, such as stairs. 

As it can overcome obstacles up to 2cm high and climb over carpets up to 1.5cm high, it is able to clean the whole living area with ease. 

Thanks to its high suction power, the Kobold VR300 is convincing on virtually any type of carpet or hard floor. It can clean the entire home, leaving you free to do the things you enjoy. 

Thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery, the Kobold VR300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can vacuum for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. In eco mode, it can run for up to 90 minutes and clean an area of up to 120m². When the battery is empty, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the base station, recharges, and goes back to its previous position to resume cleaning. 

This intelligent robot is not only impressive because of its precise navigation. It also delivers excellent results. The highly efficient and durable motor generates high suction power and the new brush technology allows for even greater dust collection. The main brush, which rotates at 1800 revolutions per minute, provides an extremely deep clean.


During initial operation, the robot surveys the home line by line and stores the results in the floor plan. The Kobold VR300 follows the same route on subsequent cleans, offering optimum cleaning results every time. 

Some areas of the home might be off limits – even for a robot vacuum cleaner. Using the handy app, areas can be marked off with no-go lines so that they are excluded from the clean. 

If required, the Kobold VR300 can inform you when it has finished cleaning by sending a push notification straight to your mobile phone. This contains a cleaning overview showing the areas that have been cleaned and the length of time taken. This means that you always know what your robot is doing. Any error messages including an explanation of the fault and a link to the troubleshooting information can be sent as push notifications. 

You had friends over at the weekend and the floor is now very dirty in a few places? No problem! On the spot cleaning setting, the Kobold VR300 targets smaller or medium-sized areas (2 m x 2 m or 4 m x 4 m).





Noise level 70 dBA
Height 9 cm
Dimensions LXW 34X34 cm
Weight 5 kg
Battery Li-ion 14,4V 84Wh
Methodic Laser mapping +
Working time max 60-90 min (in ECO mode)
Side brush +
Brushless motors +
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