Robot vacuum Vorwerk Kobold VR200

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Second generation robot of Vorwerk Kobold, which perfectly combines robot technology from Silicon Valley with fine German manufacturing experience. As a result, this is best robot vacuum to buy.

Uses the same intelligent planned navigation by means of laser scanner, as used by the Google driverless car and developed by Neato. Zero-maintenance (brushless DC) motor, developed by Vorwerk and manufactured in Wuppertal. Outstanding vacuuming performance (twice that of the predecessor VR100, three time that of main competitors), Rotating brush with bristles and blades. Side bush for targeted and optimised edge and corner cleaning. Wall sensor, three drop sensors. Nearly touch-free navigation with three ultrasonic sensors. Cleans one room after another. If it has to recharge its battery periodically, it automatically returns to the charging base to do so and then resumes cleaning where it left off. Climbing feet enable it to overcome obstacles. Low height (1 cm less than the Neato) for optimal cleaning beneath furniture. Bumper on laser scanner prevents unit from getting stuck anywhere. User-friendly one-button menu operation, coloured display with soft touch buttons. Infrared remote control. Spot cleaning (for targeted cleaning of small areas). Eco mode for quieter operational noise and longer runtime per battery charge. Efficient, easy to clean, permanent filter system. Pre-filter for easier filter cleaning and to lengthen the service life of the filter. Filter with suction opening for comfortable and hygienic vacuuming of the dirt bin.Clears obstacles up to 2 cm high. Boundary marker to indicate the area not to be cleaned. Enclosure made of high-quality recyclable thermoformed plastic. Filter surface of 300cm2 captures 85% of all particles, even small ones up to (300nm) 0,0003mm (thickness of a hair is 0,07mm)= fine filter class F7.

Height 9 cm
Dimensions LXW 34X34 cm
Battery Li-ion 14,4V 84Wh
Methodic Laser mapping +
Working time 60-90 min
Side brush +
Package contents

Charging base, Remote control, Boundary marker, USB adapter