Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush

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The Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush is the most intelligent way to clean, and ensures that vacuuming hard floors and carpets is both gentle and thorough. Using fully automatic floor type detection, the EB400 Automatic Electric Brush is an expert in delivering uncompromising cleanliness on all floor types.

Simply revolutionary: the ultrasonic sensors on the EB400 Automatic Electric Brush automatically detect floor type and activate the appropriate performance power and floor setting fully instantly!

The EB400 Automatic Electric Brush is driven by its own motor, and a unique rotating brush ensures that cleaning is always thorough, gentle and hygienic. Even the finest dirt particles don’t stand a chance; the EB400 Automatic Electric Brush removes dirt and dust completely.

During the brush-vacuuming process, the rotating brush “combs” the carpet to gently loosen stubborn dirt and give deeper layers a thorough clean. A continuous sealing lip prevents dirt and dust from being thrown back out.

Energy efficiency class A+
Motor 50W
Height 7cm
Dimensions LXW 35X30 cm
Weight 1,8kg
Brushless motors +
3 in 1 premium filter bags VORWERK FP200, 6 pack

Three filters in one - with an integrated HEPA filter.  Suitable for allergy sufferers - FP200 filter bag is the world's only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag!

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Carpet Freshener VORWERK VF200

The new Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener guarantees a unique in-depth, hygienic carpet cleaning and freshening in no time at all. Rugs and carpets turn your house into a home. The Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener makes sure that they stay beautiful for longer with impressive and hygienic in-depth cleaning.

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