Cleaning Cloth MF600 Universal soft Set (3 x)

45,00 €

Designed specifically for the Vorwerk Kobold SP600 Hard Floor Cleaner.

For extra gentle cleaning, the Kobold MF600 Universal Soft Cleaning Cloths are ideal for porous and otherwise difficult to clean floors Description With the Vorwerk Kobold SP600 530 or 520 Hard Floor Cleaner and the Kobold MF Universal Soft Cleaning Cloths you can clean even delicate hard floors. Whether porous floors such as terracotta tiles or difficult to clean floors like granite you can always achieve a deep clean. The specially woven material provides extra gentle cleaning. Washable at 60°C in the washing machine and suitable for tumble drying. Delivery 3 x Kobold MF Universal Soft Cleaning Cloths.


Gentle cleaning, powerful performance: you only need to add 5ml of Koboclean 15 Universal to 500ml of water for optimal cleaning results with the Vorwerk Kobold SP 530 or 600 Hard Floor Cleaner. This cleaning concentrate is also very efficient: a single 500ml bottle is enough for cleaning up to 100 times! 

10,00 €