Big Green Egg MiniMax

950,00 €

The MiniMax is the same height as the Mini, but it boasts a grid diameter in line with the Small. This makes the MiniMax a compact model capable of maximum performance. Its limited height makes it an ideal table model and its relatively low weight makes it perfectly portable. This multifunctional model is an asset at home and outdoors!

Open Flavour
It’s all about flavour and quality at Big Green Egg. By preparing the best products on the EGG, their flavour takes on an exceptional, widely acclaimed subtlety. The Big Green Egg makes it possible to cook healthy, sustainable food, enhancing the quality of life. This contributes towards making the Big Green Egg synonymous with enjoying the best nature has to offer, together.
Appropriate design
There’s an underlying reason for the Big Green Egg’s good looks. Due to its design and the materials used, the Big Green Egg boasts an iconic look underpinned by an essential and constant flow of air within the EGG. This assures an even cook and highly efficient charcoal burn.
Unique ceramics
Partnering with advanced ceramic manufacturing experts and composite materials engineers, the Big Green Egg is constructed from new types of ceramics originally developed by NASA for the space program. This sophisticated material, proprietary to the Big Green Egg, is the highest grade of composite used in any cooker. Boasting highly insulating properties and reflecting heat, these ceramics generate heat that has a special impact on the flavour of the ingredients and dishes prepared, irrespective of the cooking method. Because of the EGG’s superior insulating properties, external temperatures have no impact on the temperature within the Big Green Egg and – even at temperatures of way below zero – you can regulate the temperature to an accuracy of one degree between 70°C and 350°C.

Height 49,5 cm
Grid Diameter 33 cm
Weight 28 kg